The coziest jumper by Nicce Clothing

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I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful grey over-sized hoodie by London-born brand NICCE clothing and it is probably the softest and most comfortable thing I have ever worn...and I would like to live in it from now on. Okay? I hope that's cool. I chose a grey hoodie but the other one I really liked was the pink hoodie. Grey is my favourite colour though (yes, I know it is just a shade, shoosh) so I had to get it and I am really happy with it. There are a range of hoodies available in all different colours on their website but also jumpers and zip-up hoodies so a lot to choose from and like I said they are super comfortable and so soft!

It is the perfect hoodie for chilling at home watching Love Island (yes, I have to admit, I am actually watching it every night and I am little ashamed but also not) or for chilling on the beach on a nice summer evening. I am so happy that we are having such good weather in Brighton lately and I am very fortunate to be self-employed and having a flexible job which means I can enjoy all the sun. I cannot brag about it too much infront of my friends because it is not fair on them while they are stuck at work haha...but I can tell you guys. This city transforms to a very different place during the summer, it honestly feels like everyday is a holiday. To be fair, I go to the beach all the time no matter if it's summer or winter.

I love this hoodie but this colour is actually dangerous for me, I already got a red stain from a barbecue sauce on it after wearing it just for a few hours. Classic. I wouldn't expect anything less from myself.

What is your most favourite and comfortable outfit? What are you up to this summer? 

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