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I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Fashion Editorial MakeUp Workshop that is being run by the MUSA Brighton company MUSA was founded by two industry professionals who are also good friends. There is Camilla Turner who is a stylist and a makeup artist Katie Pettigrew. Another person I met at the workshop was Clive, the photographer. They all seemed to know each other for some time and that made them a great team. Camilla and Katie have over twenty years of experience from the industry and their editorial work includes Vogue, Marie Claire, Dazed and Confused... basically, they are highly-skilled professionals who have decided to spread their knowledge in Brighton to aspiring stylists/bloggers/make up artists and other creatives.

I was nervous before coming to the workshop as I have never done anything like this before but as soon as I got there I was okay. The atmosphere was very relaxed, everyone was super friendly and nice but also professional. 

It started with me having a little chat with Camilla who showed me the plan for the day and explained to me more about MUSA Brighton and her experience with her daily work schedule. She told me that the theme for the day is 'Grunge' and that we were going to create several 'grunge looks'. This would be followed by making a plan for the photoshoot and then taking pictures for a few local companies who she's collaborating with. She showed me a rack of clothes that she had chosen including all the different accessories and shoes. Camilla explained the importance of a mood board and how it sets the tone for the shoot. This goes hand in hand with ensuring that the photographer knows what they are looking to achieve.

After our beautiful model, Phoebe, had her hair and makeup done by Katie we created several different looks that you can see below. Camilla really encouraged me to just choose the pieces I liked and let me work with that. I felt so important haha. Like I said the photographer was great to work with and I think everyone including the MakeUp students had a good time. What makes their workshops so great is how approachable they all are and I was really not worried about asking any stupid questions. 

Here are the looks I created with Camilla's guidance:

Model: Phoebe Benjamin

So thank you Camilla and I wish you the best of luck with your amazing workshops. I had so much fun with you guys and learnt quite a bit that I am able to apply to the clothing brand that I am managing. I am sure this workshop could help anyone who is trying to become a stylist, MakeUP artist or fashion students and bloggers. Once again, THANK YOU! x

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