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I am really excited to be reviewing Tunetoo because I can honestly tell you that everything I received from them has been of AMAZING quality and I would highly recommend them if you are looking to get a customized t-shirt or a mug...or a fluffy (or not fluffy) dressing gown! There is huge section of everything from bags to paintings. All their items with customization come in a multitude of colours and shades so it took me ages to decide what I want and as you can see I ended up with grey, black and off-white colours. I just wanted to point this out in case it seems they don't do colours since I went for such neutral tones. Everything is also very reasonably priced and it didn't take long at all to get here. 
So as you can see I went full blogger mode and got a beautiful contrast mug with my blogger name. Yep. Why not! I am so gassed about that mug. I am a super clumsy person and I dropped it a few times and it didn't break or even get chipped so it is a really good mug.
It says 'comfortable.' and it is comfortable. I was actually going to get a jumper which would say Eiva Poppins just like the mug (why?!) but fortunately, my boyfriend pointed out that that's a bit errrmmm much; so yeah I ended up with a nice jumper instead. (Blogger and proud? Too much?) I was able to choose the size, font and style of printing. The print options are Inkjet, Flex and Embroidery. I went for embroidery and you can really see it is perfect quality and I am really happy with it! Find it here.
...and finally, my amazing reversible beanie with a little picture of a coffee mug that I chose from their templates and again chose to have it embroidered. Have a look here at their full range of beanies that you can get customized.
Like I said it is not just clothes you can get customized by Tunetoo. There's plush toys, phone cases, blankets, pillows, bags... but out of all of it, I really like their pillow range. There is a lot of products designed by different independent designers as well which enables different artists to sell their art and designs on Tunetoo's platform. You will find all the design stuff in their Art Shop section but I am sure you found that for yourself already. The website is very easy to navigate. 

Thank you so much Tunetoo. You are amazing x

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