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I would FINALLY like to tell you about a lovely evening I went to a few months ago hosted by lovely Amy and Mickaela from Salon Success. I really had an amazing time and it was nice to see other local bloggers who came along. We were lucky to get different hair products and I am now able to talk about them since I have had enough time to try them all.
The event was held at The Old Ship Hotel where I previously went for Brighton Fashion Weekend BUT I have never been to the basement of this hotel and I would have never guessed that it hides this beautiful atmospheric wine cellar. Must be a hidden gem of Brighton!

We all were so amazed by the interior but more so when we saw the layout of the table. It felt very personal because we each had a spot at the table with our little name tag (it is crazy how important  a name tag can make you feel:). Food was amazing. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. Each of us got a lot of goodies based on our type of hair type and colour which was a really sweet.

My favourite product we were all given is Detangling Brush by MarulaOil and Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner - I got the ones for coloured hair and I highly recommend them. They are great for detangling and leave your hair super smooth. Another amazing product I got was Extreme Hot Pink colour shampoo by Colourwash celeb which I use on regular basis instead of dying my hair all the time. I leave this 'shampoo' in for about five minutes and the colour just stays in and my hair feels great. Love it. If you ever dyed your hair different colours then you know that pink is basically the hardest one to keep in especially when you're after a bright shade so this really is a nice and easy way to keep your hair pink and I promise it is very good to your hair.

I had to include a photo of the loveliest sticky toffee pudding I have ever had! Thank you so much Salon Success, Paul Mitchell and the staff of The Old Ship hotel for this amazing experience. It was nice to reconnect with other local bloggers. THANK YOU!

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