Athens in March

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Oh hey, it is me...I had a little (okay, big) break. Last year I really didn't feel like sharing anything, there were some lovely things worth sharing but I just didn't have it in me and I didn't want to force myself. Let's see how it goes in 2021!

I keep catching myself daydreaming of holidays and feeling homesick for places that I am yet to visit. Apparently, this feeling is called 'Fernweh' in German.
Every time I go away I always bring my film camera with me and I have realised that I have hundreds of photos that I have never shared and I might as well do it here. 

So, here is a little photo diary from a quick trip to Athens a few years ago. I remember it quite well, our flight to Greece was at 5am and we had to take a coach to the airport one freezing morning in March. There were no English signs at the train station or at the airport which I found quite exciting. We stayed in a lovely Airbnb right in the city centre.

The whole city was very sleepy and most people who were there were the locals. Being there in the sunshine was the best thing for my mental health after enduring months and months of rain and wind in England. 

There are many small cafes in Athens with views of the Acropolis and every cafe owner will try to convince you that it is their cafe that has THE best view in the whole of Athens. Sometimes we would be the only people in a restaurant or a coffee shop, it felt really special. By the way, they feed you really well in Greece, the portions were huge and once when I couldn't finish my meal the restaurant owner looked genuinely upset. 

Every house in Athens has a lot of beautiful potted plants outside and at least one yawning cat on their doorstep! 

I loved the orange trees along the streets and huge donuts you could buy from street vendors. I love street food and I will always prefer that over any fancy restaurant especially when I am travelling.

We even went on one of those tiny buses that look like trains with the commentary. I think we were the only ones on that little train, there is really something special about seeing a touristy place without tourists. 

I look forward to visiting Greece again one day. I have never been to a Greek island before.

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