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I would like to talk about my friend Vanessa who is an amazing hairdresser. Friends should support friends and you can trust me I am not biased when I say that she is very talented because I only met her thanks to her being a hairdresser. She is funny, kind, very generous and I love her laughter! Plus as you can see she is extremely good at what she does. 

Here she is casually giving me the best blowdry of my life.

I was so gassed when I left the salon that day, so many people were giving me compliments. .

My first cut and blowdry that I ever got from Vanessa. Love it.

This is first time in my life where I found THE ONE HAIRDRESSER and don't want to have my hair touched by anyone else. If you live in Brighton you have probably heard of Cuttlefish, A beautiful fancy salon that only uses vegan products and is extremely ethical when it comes to waste. They also play nice tunes and treat you like the queen (or king) that you are. Vanessa has been working there for a while now and she takes a lot of pride in her work. She says it is her life, she absolutely loves it and takes it so seriously. I have had my other friends go see her and they were all really satisfied. She actually listens to what you want and if you say you want five inches off it won't be fifteen! She likes to keep clients' haircut style the same and improves them but her main thing is colour. 

This colour was so amazing. I loved this hairstyle so much!

And here is another amazing pink! Wow. I am not sure which style and colour is my favourite. 

I have recenly decided to go back to brown after I really really damaged my hair a few months ago by some random colour from Superdrug and Vanessa did a great job at transforming my poor hair. Thank god I have her. 
But let me show you some other transformations that she's done. I have just been on a big stalk through Vanessa's instagram and I found some of my favourite before and after hair dos. 

I mean come on, this is actually insane. She is a witch with scissors and colour! You will find more before and after pictures on her instagram. Personally, I find it really satisfying. 
Wow, she is just amazing, she will save your hair and make it look colourful and stylish and the same time! 

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