When in Rome...and Florence

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Few months ago I went to Rome and Florence with my friend from college Lucka.
My trip to Italy wasn't as pleasant as I would hope so due to me feeling sick and being tired from the heat most of the time. It sucks being ill on a holiday but I have to say I didn't feel bad all the time so I have enjoyed going to Colloseum or swimming in the sea on our first day when I was still alright...but I wanted to say that I was sick because people often lie online and on social media so my pictures where I look fine just prove that not everything is what it looks like haha. But I am as beautiful as I am in my photos and ever more to be honest with you. Basically the perfect human and everyone's role model. I can see you smiling and nodding while you are reading this. Beautiful! Errm anyway, you don't know how hot it was but it was like opening an oven door too close to your face but the difference was that I couldn't shut that door and just had to live in that oven for a few days...like how do you survive that heat?? I was not coping at all. Trust. My theory is basically that living in England has diadvantaged me from travelling to hot countries. I need to remember to always travel out of the summer season! But it is not like I regret going because both of the cities were beautiful and it was still nice to see them. I love that photo of a man carrying sunflowers.
Sooo...not many recommendations this time. Only that if you go to Italy during the summer get an accomodation with an air-con and if you are in Rome, you can also get a 30 minute train to the beach to cool off. They have great trains in Italy - all with plugs and air-con. (Literally the most important thing.) Don't rely on public transport in Rome. There was a strike when we were there and they still sold us tickets anyways haha. Also, avoid buying these Global Postal Service stamps. They will sell them in some shops claiming you can track it etc. but it is not true and after reading reviews online it sounds like a proper scam....and if you use them chances are nobody will get your lovely postcards.
That's it from me. I am going to tell you about my trip to Portugal next. :-)

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