I Need Feminism

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People who know me know also that I am feminist and I’ll always be! Every woman who has a respect for herself should be a feminist. These young girls from Altringham Girls Grammar School know what it means to be strong woman! I support you, girls.

source: The Guardian
This wrote 17 years old Jinan Younis:
“I fear that many boys of my age fundamentally don’t respect women. They want us around for parties, banter and most of all sex. But they don’t think of us as intellectual equals, highlighted by accusations of being hysterical and over sensitive when we attempted to discuss serious issues facing women.
The situation recently reached a crescendo when our feminist society decided to take part in a national project called Who Needs Feminism. We took photos of girls standing with a whiteboard on which they completed the sentence “I need feminism because…”, often delving into painful personal experiences to articulate why feminism was important to them.”
Article here.

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