Why Is Barcelona So Amazing?

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I've been to Barcelona several times now and I am absolutely in love with the city, people and the culture. If you haven't been then you should go. There's a few things I'd like to recommend for anyone who's planning a trip to Catalonia's capital. I mean it's really exciting just being there and walking around. There's so much to see out there so even after four visits I don't feel like I know Barcelona well enough BUT I saw a little bit. This time I went with a disposable camera so most of them were underexposed or overexposed but never mind. It is what it is haha. 
I took my cruiser with me. If you like skateboarding then you know that Barcelona is like world skateboard's Mecca. One of the iconic skate parks is Marbella right by the beach but have a look on this website to find out more. If you prefer cruising around instead of skate park like me (it's because I cannot do any tricks haha) then I recommend you to go to the top of the road called Passeig de Sant Joan and on the cycling path go all the way down Parc de la Ciutadella which is in my opinion one of the prettiest parks in Barcelona. Entry to the park is for free it's really worth seeing. It has beautiful fountains, palm trees, statues, little lake and lots of parrots:-). After that you might as well go hang out to the beach - it's really close. There's lots of places where you can rent skateboards, bikes or vespas. In the past I did rent from Deviant Bikes and they were really helpful.
My another favourite park (which has just the most amazing view) is called Park Güell - perfect place to watch a sunset or a sunrise if you like early mornings! The park is over a hundred years old and was mostly designed by Antoni Gaudí.
The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art called MACBA is amazing. There's always a few exhibitions on and it has at least three floors from what I can remember:-). You could spend there hours and hours. Outside of the museum actually a famous skateboarding spot and the museum is situated in the Plaça dels Àngels right by El Raval - district full of streetart. I explored El Raval on Street Style Tour and posted some pictures from the tour here if you remember.
 I've been to a nice Mexican restaurant called La Hacienda which is a walking distance from Barceloneta station.. if you like walking :-). I had great enchiladas there and also a yummy rice based drink Horchata. Around Las Ramblas is lots of nice restaurants and it is good for vegetarians too. All food I tried in Barcelona was actually nice and if you get a chance visit Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria right by Liceu station. It is full of fresh fruit, juices, smoothies, meat and sweets. It's quite cheap as well.
My new favourite place for cocktails is bar Nevermind where they project skate videos on the wall and in the back there's even a skate bowl...also during the happy hour I was drinking mojitos for €3.50 which is not an unusual price in Spainish bars.. but coming from England it felt really cheap.My favourite part of the city is Gràcia which used to be an independent town from Barcelona. It has its own identity, there's street markets and nice vintage and independent shops too.
Anyway...that's just a few things but really just walk around and get lost, go to see Sagrada La Familia, go to a rooftop bar, have some tapas, visit museums and beaches. Have churros with chocolate. Learn some Spanish.

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