I'm Learning How To Make Clothes

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I have been eating lots of pizza lately and discovered calzone (yes, only just now..) and there's this one from PizzaMe in Brighton where they put banana, nutella and mascarpone inside. Jeeez! I'm addicted to it now and it is costing me some money and it reminds me of the times when I was addicted to Pumpkin Curry from Pompoko. People of PizzaMe, what do I do to get a little sweet discount? Haha.

Wait. STOP. This is not a take-away addict diary. I'm sorry.

I was going to say that I've been busy eating pizza and I had a flu, I went to Czech (apparently that's called Czechia now haha) for two weeks, I moved houses...but also I HAVE BEEN LEARNING HOW TO MAKE CLOTHES! YAY! I think it all started with me telling my friend Sabina that I might want to buy a sewing machine, next thing I know she got it for me for my birthday. My sewing machine travelled with me from Prague to Brighton and it paitenly waited few weeks in the corner of the room in its box and I was kinda scared of it. I thought I would be rubbish and I have never been that crafty type of a person and honestly I thought it would be hard.. and yes it is. I'm SO lucky that my friend Danielle - the owner and the designer of Tallulah's Threads is teaching me. Without her it would take me months to make something. She is very patient with me even though I often ask her the exact same question and I am not really good with cutting haha. Seriously! They say you should start small when you're learning something but Danielle decided that on our firt lesson I should make a dress (the pink one in the picture yeah)! It was with a big guidance from her side but I did make that dress! I was impressed with myself and actually proud of myself. On our second lesson I made a skirt with a matching top. I love it and I cannot wait to make more clothes.
I have been enjoying visiting fabric shops and looking through fashion history books in the library. I have some ideas of what I'd like to make and hopefully it will work out. It's so much fun. X

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