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(I am only having the coffee! You know me. I hate beer I swear.)
Love you, Nela <3

I love Prague. It was snowing when I went there last month and it was maybe even minus ten degrees. I can tell you I was really excited about all that snow. It looked lovely. I enjoy visiting my homeland and I enjoy coming back to England. Naturally both of these countries have their advantages and disadvantages and I can fully appreciate that now. I might write an article about this one day but I will leave this topic for now.
This time I made sure I'm coming for Sabina's birthday. If you don't know who Sabina is then let me tell you one more time she's my best friend. Also the hottest person alive and her best friend is your favourite blogger. Me, her and her boyfriend Jakub ended up going to Grosseto Marina which I highly recommend. It is a restaurant on a boat where they serve delicious Italian food (another good Italian restaurant in Prague is Pasta Fresca). I am definitely coming back. We also went for cocktails to AnonymouS Bar and were first a bit sceptical about trying new drinks but at the end loved them. It was the first time I met Sabina's boyfriend and I think he's great and them two are perfect for each other. Boyfriend approved hahaha. Errm..anyway me and Sabina also went for a breakfast to Cacao and ordered food for maybe four people. It was just two of us but we had to test few different things and we were hungry so what. I cannot believe I never tried banana bread before - it's like my new favourite thing now. Anyway, go to Cacao.
Another great cafe I went to was Dobra Trafika and it is one of the cafes where it's still allowed to smoke inside. I don't care about this myself but I think it's interesting. They do serve pretty good coffee too.
I was lucky I got to spend few mornings with my grandmother at home who always cooks all my favourite meals for me and tells me the best stories from the past. She also makes an amazing jam. I saw the other side of my family at this big family gathering in Brno which was interesting as I haven't seen some of them for years and years and all the little ones got taller and older haha. By the way if you ever feel like having a cheesecake in Brno try V melounovem cukru
I could go on and on about what I was doing and how I love all my friends but I am hungry now and I really want to go to Krispy Kreme to buy Lotus Caramelised Biscoff  Doughnuts so thanks for reading and have a nice day! X

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  1. Very nice photos. You are very nice group of friends. I fell in love with Prague and I would like to go there again :)



Thank you!