That's Me On That Wall

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top - Zara, skirt - Stradivarius, boots - New Look (given by my lovely friend Essie - thank you!), socks/bag - The Whitepepper
One morning I got an email from Scott Vincent saying he found my Instagram and this blog and liked it so he did a graffiti of me. I was shocked as obviously that doesn't usually happen to me haha. It's just bit funny looking at yourself and it's just massive. It is based on this selfie actually haha. Not sure what else to say really, I just found it really funny.
There was lots of rats running around right by the graffity when me and Benjamin Le Bon Mckenzie taking these pictures haha. You should check out some of his work here. Thank you very much for the photos Ben. It was nice to meet you!
Oh and I think nobody yet sprayed anything over my face. I was kind of hoping someone would do it and then I can feel like I have haters and feel important hahaha.
P.S.: I just came back from few days in Barcelona so I will be posting some pictures soon. (In my case 'soon' could be months haha.) It was nice to be back and skate around :-).

Jednoho den rano jsem nasla mail od Scott Vincent. Napsal mi ze nasel muj Instagram a tenhle blog a ze se mu libil a tak udelal graffiti se mnou. Zvlastni, ne? Haha. Byla jsem samozrejme celkem prekvapena, protoze to se mi vazne nestava casto. Kdyz jsem se tam byla kouknout (samozrejme jeste ten den co mi napsal haha) tak mi to pripadalo uplne sileny. Je to zalozeno na tehle selfie a jak rikam, fakt by me absolutne nikdy nenapadlo, ze tohle nekdo udela. Je to vtipny.
Tyhle fotky fotil Ben Mckenzie a vic jeho pracemuzete videt tady. Foceni bylo celkem zajimavy, vsude po zemi a po stenach pobihaly krysy haha.
Myslim ze jeste porad nikdo nenasprejoval nic pres muj oblicej, tak trochu doufam, ze to nekdo udela a ja si budu pripadat dulezite, ze mam haters ale tak asi neee haha.
P.S.: Zrovna jsem se predevcirem vratila z Barcelony, kde jsem byla na par dni, takze brzo (to v mympripade muze znamenat tydny i mesice) budu postovat nejaky fotky. 

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