Dress From My Friend

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 I hope that everyone who reads this is familiar with word “feminist”. Sometimes people give me stupid faces when I tell them that I am a feminist but I guess they do not know what is means. I am strong, independent and resilient. I know what I want and what I don’t want. I wanna be successful and fight for all the other women who are not as privileged as me.

I got this dress from my Estonian friend Kristi who got it from her aunt and she told me that this amazing dress is at least 20 years old! I like it. So first it was in Estonia, then Kristi took it to Czech Republic where she was volunteering and where we met each other. Then when she was leaving Czech she offered this dress to me. And then I took it here – to England! That's a lot of travelling for one dress! Kristi, thank you very much. One day I wanna go to Estonia! Their language sounds great and my friend’s humour is awesome.

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  1. I really enjoy these photos.

    Go feminism!


  2. Ty šaty jsou nádherný a ty fotky jsou foceny opravdu nádherném prostředí. :)


Thank you!